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  • How Sales and Marketing Work Together
  • Data Driven Decisions
  • 5 Benefits of Vertical Markets
  • The Value of an Independent Third-Party Sales Consultant
  • Understanding Your Company‚Äôs Marketing Strategy
  • The Importance of a Marketing Strategy During a Pandemic
  • How Online Searches Impact Your Sales
  • Understanding Persistent Print Opportunities
  • Adopting Agile Practices in Sales
  • Why It Matters To Involve Everyone In The Sales Process


I attended a webinar called Jump Start Your Sales and Marketing in 2021 and Kate Dunn was one of the speakers. It was honestly the most helpful webinar I’ve attended in a while – super straightforward with actionable takeaways and no wasted time. I’m looking forward to getting things done! Kate is a great speaker with ideas that are easy to execute.


Marketing Manager at South City Print

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